[Snort-devel] Solaris issue post

Joe McAlerney joey at ...63...
Fri Nov 17 12:50:19 EST 2000

This was posted in the Installation section in the Snort.org forums.

Ok, I'm not sure if anyone else had this, but snort assumes that if
/usr/local/sbin is not a directory then it has to create it. In my setup
/usr/local/sbin is "symbolic" link. Snort pkgadd installation, deleted
the symbolic installation, created a new directory and created a sbin
directory in it.

:) In short I was almost screaming at snort for a few minutes thinking
that it deleted my apps (untill I discovered what happened).

Oh well, before someone else screws up his production network, I hope
someone fixes the package :)


-Joe M.

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