[Snort-devel] Module based snort.

Michael Davis mike at ...27...
Sun Nov 5 22:17:24 EST 2000

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I remember a while back that Fyodor was talking about Snort
Dynamically loadable modules. I was wondering what is going on with
this? I ask because I think it would be best for me to release a
snort-win32 that loaded support for mysql, libnet, etc automagically.
Basically, if the output plugin was the database plugin then load the
specified DLL(mysql, postgres, etc). If they want response support
then when snort parses the rules file and it sees a response rule it
checks to make sure libnet is loaded if not then snort loads it.

This is all just some horrible dream I had but I thought I would ask
if there is any future wishlist for this type of support and if so
when can I start ;) If this is part of the future of snort then I
think I can make a dlopen() et al wrapper for win32 so we can keep
the same codebase.

Just an idea,
Michael Davis
Chief Technical Officer
Data Nerds, LLC.

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