[Snort-devel] snort 1.7 beta question

Martin Roesch roesch at ...48...
Thu Dec 28 02:40:10 EST 2000

RSN. :)  I'm thinking that it'll probably be this week or next, I've been
doing some more extensive testing and I'm pretty happy with how things are
working.  We could probably continue to polish this thing for another month,
but I'm thinking that getting it into wide release will get the kind of
development feedback that we need to focus on the important aspects of what
might still be wrong.  Agree/disagree?

The release will be version 1.7.

The primary things that need to be done if this current version proves to be
stable are documentation and getting the release together (web site, other doc
updates, etc).  Once all that is in place, then we build it and ship it. 
Doing docs will probably be a 2 day process, then making sure everything is
ready and updating the web site is another day.  I'd like to get it out by the
new year if possible....


Joseph Nicholas Yarbrough wrote:
> I hate to make someone give a timeframe on a release, but it would make my
> life a lot better if I could get a general timeframe on the release of the
> snort 1.7beta codebase as a non-beta release (1.8?). Could I get a timeframe
> such as [ hours |  days | weeks | 1 month | 2 months | etc... ]?
> Thanks,
> -Nick
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