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Wed Dec 20 22:25:07 EST 2000

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> > library that works on all the platforms that Snort works on. 
> > Libpth?  Pthreads?  If we're going to multi-thread, we need to
> > make sure that we can answer these questions, or at the very
> > least provide more than one compilation path (#ifdefs for
> > multithreaded code with a build time switch to activate it). 
> That is a prefectly fair burden for people who want to introduce
> threading, and I am comfortable with it.  Personally, I would use
> pthreads, but code up an abstraction layer so that it could run on,
> e.g., NT machines as well with a little work.  The glib threads
> abstraction would be a nice place to look for inspiration on how to
> do that.

Actually. The Cygnus guys ports Pthreads to win32. It is just a
pthread interface to win32 threading model. It works rather well. It
is what I based my port of siphon on and it is running great. People
don't give a lot of credit to windows and its programmers ;)

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