[Snort-devel] [ekr at ...168...: Re: format string in ssl dump]

Todd Lewis tlewis at ...120...
Tue Dec 19 17:34:16 EST 2000

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Martin Roesch wrote:

> Hi Tood, et al.
> I think modularizing ssldump for easy inclusion into Snort and other projects
> is probably the way to go.  I really see this as an application layer decoder,
> which is something we hope to introduce into follow-on versions of Snort
> (modular decoder plugin architecture).

Do you mean the next release, or some alternate version?

> Basically what I'm imagining that we'd
> like to do is to treat it as a decoder plugin to Snort which would fill in
> various data structs that would then be passed to the detection elements of
> the system.  
> Sounds reasonable?  I'm not sure if this is what Fyodor is thinking, but it
> sounds pretty reasonable to me. :)

I want to make sure that I understand first.  What would the API for
this look like?  Where would this plug in?

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