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Wed Dec 13 01:27:19 EST 2000

I installed beta 8 last night and so far it hasn't skipped a beat yet.  Running 
smoothly.....so far, so good.

> :) uff.. let's try :-)
> Snort beta8 is available now, since beta7 some things (hoperfully :)) got 
> * coredumps with spaces between ip addresses should be fixed.
> * brackets are reintroduced to keep !$VARIABLE piece clean.
> * command-line given variables now override the ones which are specified
> in rules files, but when numerous definitions are seen in a rule file, later
> will override former.
> * bidirectional mess hoperfully got sorted out (Thanks alot to Phil Wood for 
taking take
> of this part).
> * ICMP unreach code got remaked as well. :-) (Thanks abunch to the same 
person :-))
> * OpenBSD + --enable-frexresp compilation should be fixed..
> * null-pointers in some spo_* fixed.
> * spade plugin from silicondefense.com guys has been integrated.
> * probably other minor tweaks I can not remember right now.. :)
> Any playing around/testing and bugreports/coredumps/stack-traces would be 
mucho. :)
> problems which are still pending to be fixed:
> * tcp-stream reassembly problem on sparc.
> * hpux mess (with some libpcap errie on interface  - can not reproduce the 
problem, could
> the person who had it, mail to me offlist with hpux version and maybe 
hardware (NIC)
specification..  just to
> see if it caused a problem.. :))
> happy testing :-)
> http://snort.sourceforge.net/snort-1.7-beta8.tar.gz (there's a link to this 
tarball at
snort.sourceforge.net too)
> For developers:
> We talked with Marty today and thought it would be cool to have some sort of
> developers roundtable on irc one time per a week or something, to discuss
> problems, further devel., ask questions regarding each other code (if there 
> any)  etc. let's just make any appointement on certain weekday and time. (any 
> is fine for me, I can even wake up at 2am in the midnight for that.. :)) so 
lets see when
> other people have time for it. :) other interested parties are welcome of 
course. :)
> Cheers.
> -Fyodor
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