[Snort-devel] beta 8

Fyodor fygrave at ...1...
Wed Dec 13 10:48:29 EST 2000

:) uff.. let's try :-)

Snort beta8 is available now, since beta7 some things (hoperfully :)) got fixed:

* coredumps with spaces between ip addresses should be fixed.
* brackets are reintroduced to keep !$VARIABLE piece clean.
* command-line given variables now override the ones which are specified
in rules files, but when numerous definitions are seen in a rule file, later
will override former.
* bidirectional mess hoperfully got sorted out (Thanks alot to Phil Wood for taking take
of this part).
* ICMP unreach code got remaked as well. :-) (Thanks abunch to the same person :-))
* OpenBSD + --enable-frexresp compilation should be fixed..
* null-pointers in some spo_* fixed.
* spade plugin from silicondefense.com guys has been integrated.
* probably other minor tweaks I can not remember right now.. :)

Any playing around/testing and bugreports/coredumps/stack-traces would be appreciated mucho. :)

problems which are still pending to be fixed:

* tcp-stream reassembly problem on sparc.
* hpux mess (with some libpcap errie on interface  - can not reproduce the problem, could
the person who had it, mail to me offlist with hpux version and maybe hardware (NIC) specification..  just to
see if it caused a problem.. :))

happy testing :-)

http://snort.sourceforge.net/snort-1.7-beta8.tar.gz (there's a link to this tarball at snort.sourceforge.net too)

For developers:
We talked with Marty today and thought it would be cool to have some sort of
developers roundtable on irc one time per a week or something, to discuss
problems, further devel., ask questions regarding each other code (if there are
any)  etc. let's just make any appointement on certain weekday and time. (any time
is fine for me, I can even wake up at 2am in the midnight for that.. :)) so lets see when
other people have time for it. :) other interested parties are welcome of course. :)



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