[Snort-devel] Re: Fwd: kyxtech: freebsd outsniffed by wintendo !!?!?

Mike Smith msmith at ...147...
Fri Dec 8 00:47:18 EST 2000

(Please don't spam this many lists with such a large message.)

The test is pretty questionable.  FreeBSD 3.3 is over a year old, and I 
would suspect that the one actual outstanding criticism here (filesystem 
latency) is probably due to the default synchronous-mode filesystem.

A more valid test would use one of the 4.x family FreeBSD releases and 
soft updates.  There are still plenty of things that could be done to 
further accelerate the system, but that's the one clear item here.

> (Hurm.... Wintendo outperforming unix???!??  Something's
>  improper about this, and it ought to be fixed...  :-) 
>  Comments?  Other OS numbers: more recent 
>  FreeBSD versions? Solaris? Tru64? Optimization
>  patches? Can those OO MSDN lobotomies actually
>  be good things? Hurm... The Italian gauntlet has
>  been thrown down....   --dr :-)
> url: http://netgroup-serv.polito.it/winpcap/docs/performance.htm

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